Web Design

Anne Isaacs.com

This is a massive rebuild for the children's book author Anne Isaacs.  I've maintained her site for over 10 years.  The original was custom HTML with a graphic navigation menu rendered in Adobe Photoshop.  As my web design skill has improved, so has AnneIsaacs.com.

The site is now in its fourth incarnation.  I've upgraded the site to Drupal 7, and the content has been standardized with custom content types, custom taxonomies, Views, and Panels.  For the first time, AnneIsaacs.com has received a custom Drupal theme based on Zen 5 with SASS and custom webfonts.  It's fully responsive and includes a moving star background with a parallax effect.

The visual design is minimalist with judicious use of color.  I did a great deal of research regarding color pallettes before selecting Prison Break Junkie by Laura Lynn.

Also new to AnneIsaacs.com is a "news" page which will also function as a blog.  Naturally, it's also integrated with Anne's Facebook page.  Dynamic content will also be regularly submitted to Google through automatic xml sitemap submission and is also available via RSS feed.  I've completed the renovation just in time for Anne to announce her latest book, Meanwhile Back at the Ranch.

Although this is a low traffic site hosted on a Drupal multisite installation with several other D7 sites under my control, I've improved performance with the Boost module, so it should be fast for everyone.

On a personal note, I'm also proud of this site because the client is also my mother.