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Tenuki Design

Tenuki Design is now Koplowicz & Sons

I'm pleased to announce that Tenuki Design has rebranded as Koplowicz & Sons.

Tenuki is a Japanese word and it refers to a strategy from the great board game Go, known as the "Japanese chess."  (Not to be confused with tanuki, which is the Japanese racoon dog.)  When you are unable to make a good move or overcome your opponent, sometimes the best strategy is to do something completely different, and move to a completely different part of the board.  This is tenuki.

When I switched from legal practice to web design, I named my company Tenuki because I was doing something different.  (Yes, I'm also a licensed attorney in the State of California.  Ogres are like onions.)  Tenuki best represented my business and what I was doing.  It also represented my passion for the game of Go.

When my second son was born, web design was no longer about doing something different.  Now it's about building a dynasty.  My sons can't help with web design yet, but hopefully one day they will.

In the mean time, I welcome you to peruse Koplowicz & Sons.  All my old blog posts from Tenuki are now on Koplowicz & Sons.  I'm not currently taking clients, but my blog has a wealth of information, both for Drupal in particular, and web design in general - including my advice to others who want to change professions.  (Hint: It's the second best thing I've ever done.)