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The Startup World is Just Fine

Fuck my startup world?  Seriously?  Dude, chill out.
In an article on Medium, Shem decries the evils he sees in the startup culture.  Not the evils of privileged white men making apps for privileged white men or failing to hire minorities or relying on contractors instead of employees or the evils of the "sharing economy" in general.  Shem's problem seems to be with the kind of scotch they serve at these companies.

Pantheon in Local: A Safer Way

I've spoken before (several times actually) about Pantheon, a high performance web host.  They're an amazing platform with many awesome features, but one lacking feature is an easy way to do local development.  Kalabox 2 promises to change this, but as we went to press Pantheon integration wasn't working yet.  The good news: there's an easy way to do this.


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